Why Younger Men Look For Sugar Mommas

Mature CougarYoung men have always been attracted to older women, or Sugar Mommas (or Cougars), as far back as anyone can recall.

In many ways this is not dis-similar to older men or Sugar Daddies looking for and dating younger women. However, a key difference is that, until recently, society at large, really quite unfairly, tended to attach some sort of stigma to older women dating younger men.

Happily, things have changed for Sugar Mommas over the last 10-15 years as a result of a more liberal outlook from most of society plus, of course, the huge impact the internet and social media have had on people’s attitudes and awareness about non-mainstream relationships.

So, just what are some of the key reasons why younger men have this attraction for Sugar Mommas or Cougar women? Well, let’s consider some of them:

Many younger men are still studying or are recent graduates trying to find their way in the world. In return for, perhaps, the payment of their tuition fees or maybe the monthly rent of their accommodation, they will happily be available for their Sugar Momma when she needs him-either mentally or physically.

Some younger men aspire to have a relatively glamorous lifestyle which they, on their current salaries, cannot afford; to have a Sugar Momma take care of them and their daily expenses, with, possibly, the additional opportunity to travel nationally or internationally, enjoying some of the finer things in life with their older lady is very appealing.

With positive changes in health and lifestyle, many Cougars or Sugar Mommas entering their late 40s, or even early 50s, are in far better physical shape than ever before-maybe working out at the gym regularly and eating well. They have retained their physiques and enduring beauty and, not surprisingly, find that many younger men are particularly attracted to them.

An older woman or Sugar Momma with her accumulated life and worldly experience and, especially if she holds position of seniority or power (maybe in her own company), is much sought after by younger men-in some cases almost as some sort of pseudo mother-figure. Yet the relationship will go well beyond that and offers something for both parties to get from it what they are seeking.

It’s not unusual any more to see a younger man with an attractive, worldly Sugar Momma on his arm when he is out and about around town. With changes in social mores and far better accessibility enabling such young men to more easily find their Cougars on the internet, the general expectation is that this dating niche will continue to rapidly grow over the next few years…