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Why More and More People Use Online Dating Sites

Now, you should know that more and more people are getting involved with online dating sites and even niche dating sites whether you do it or not, it is totally up to you... Read More »

Why Younger Men Look For Sugar Mommas

Young men have always been attracted to older women, or Sugar Mommas (or Cougars), as far back as anyone can recall... Read More »

NSA or FWB: The Modern Way to Date

For many reasons, the world has changed dramatically over the 20 or so years. Not least is the way in which people generally viewing dating, marriage and staying together for the long term, as well as NSA and FWB liaisons. Read More »

How to be a Sugar Baby

When it comes to becoming a sugar baby, there are actually some practices that you simply need to make a part of your everyday activity. If you really want to be a sugar baby, or maybe a lady searching for a partner to look after her financial as well as emotional needs Read More »

Bisexual Dating: Live for the Moment

It used to be that people were afraid to openly express their sexual preferences if they wished to identify as being gay or lesbian or bisexual. Read More »

Herpes Dating Sites are Much More Common Nowadays

In the past, before the advent of specialised herpes dating sites, for those with genital herpes, it would have been very frustrating trying to meet others. Read More »

Looking for a BBW? Let's Share the Best Way to Find One

Specialised BBW dating sites are a relatively new phenomenon, having really only been introduced over the last 5 or 10 years. Read More »

Sugar Daddy Dating is in the Spotlight

Sugar daddy dating has been in the news quite often of late. There are proponents for and against the phenomenon which has been receiving so much attention. Read More »