Bisexual Dating: Live For The Moment

Bisexual PeopleIt used to be that people were afraid to openly express their sexual preferences if they wished to identify as being gay or lesbian or bisexual.

Throughout history, minorities have been persecuted, looked down on and had a stigma attached to them-whether it be to do their choice of the way they dress or act or in the physical relationships they form with others.

However, slowly but surely, things have changed and the last 30 or so years have seen far greater recognition for gay and lesbian people and, by extension, bisexuals. Partly due the internet and the instant access it brings to new information and new efforts for equality, thereby creating greater awareness of sexual preference and gender identity, bisexual people have achieved a greater understanding from the general public at large.

For those who don’t know, bisexual people are those people who are comfortable with having sexual relations either with those of the opposite gender (ie males with females or females with males) or the same gender (male/male; female/female) according to the situation or the opportunity. There have always been bisexual people, albeit a relatively small percentage of the population but, firstly, many have stayed hidden owing to social attitudes or, secondly, have been unable to easily find each other.

However, the last 4-5 years have seen quite amazing progress for those minorities such as bisexual people and Transgender people who do not conform to expected stereotypes and whose sexual preferences and/or gender identity are not rigid.

There is far greater awareness that, whilst you may have the typical male and female with hetero attractions on one hand, on the other hand, the range of human sexual attraction is far, far more than this. The said range is so wide, the interests so diverse that bisexuality is no longer considered to be so out of the ordinary. In addition, new terms such as bi-curious, non-binary or gender fluid have all come into vogue, creating more support and understanding for bisexual people.

Again, the internet has been responsible for such changes and has brought many bisexuals into contact with others with similar sexual preferences and a huge number of new, dedicated bisexual dating websites have been established for sexually non-conforming people.

It should be remembered that being bisexual, like many other sexual or gender preferences, is not a lifestyle choice and is something which is in-built to the complex human psyche. With the on-going liberalisation of opinions worldwide and greater awareness, this combination of factors means that if you are bi-sexual there has never been a better time to explore your true self. Live for the moment!