NSA or FWB: The Modern Way to Date

No Strings AttachedFor many reasons, the world has changed dramatically over the 20 or so years.

Not least is the way in which people generally viewing dating, marriage and staying together for the long term, as well as NSA and FWB liaisons.

For those people born in the 1980s and on and who grew up with the internet and, more recently, extensive social media being intertwined with so many aspects our daily lives, there has been a major shift in the way they behave towards relationships and the outlook towards physical contact and sex.

Enter NSA and FWB relationships.

For those who don’t know NSA (no strings attached) and FWB (friends with benefits) relationships are based on the premise that the two parties simply come together to enjoy a short term relationship and the physical pleasures associated with it… without any form of commitment that this might become a regular occurrence or any promise that it may be the beginning of something more long term.

In fact, both NSA and FWB relationships appeal to both the younger and the older generation, but for quite different reasons:

For the younger generation NSA and FWB relationships have resulted from, firstly, a change in social attitudes towards marriage and they need to get married early and/or stay married in the event that the partnership is clearly not working. In the older days people would stay together in a marriage/relationship no matter what-but divorces and broken relationship are far more common amongst the young and there is less social stigma towards this type of situation. Secondly, with the age of computerisation, and everything seemingly needing to be done quicker, faster and urgently, many people have less or no time to cultivate a lasting, long term relationship-hence they graduate towards finding a partner for a NSA or FWB type situations, and which carry no commitments or expectations.

For the older generation, reasons to look for NSA and FWB type relationships vary slightly. Often those in the older generation may have been in long-term partnerships or marriages where the early magic or spark has long gone. Physical contact or sex between the partners may have become a thing of the past-yet one of the still has physical needs. Either known or unknown to the other partner, one of them will look for a NSA or FWB opportunity. The second possibility for the older generation is that the older man is keen to be a Sugar Daddy to a younger women but with no commitment-he is just happy to enjoy the physical relationship and bestow money and gifts on the Sugar Baby for such; conversely, if the protagonist is female then she may be happy to become a Sugar Momma or Cougar to a younger man and also enjoy a NSA or FWB relationship.

Whatever the motivations, NSA and FWB relationships have a certain appeal to many and are certainly here to stay!