Best Free Dating Sites Reviews 2016

Looking for a potential partner for a short term or long term relationship is a very personal matter which can be highly fraught and emotionally charged. Fortunately, with the advent of the internet and the wide variety of specialised dating sites now available, it’s that much easier to look for a perfect match - or a short term liaison if that’s what you want!

Yet, with so many types of sites available, just where do you start to look-and how do you find the site that's right for you?

Well, Dating Sites Reviews is here to help and offers informative and objective reviews about a large number of niche dating sites relating to Sugar Daddies, Sugar Mommas (Cougars), Bi-sexual people, Casual dating and those with STDs, consolidating all key information and features of such websites in one place.

Whether you are you looking for partners through hook-up sites such as AdultFriendFinder or, or want to have a fling with single women and/or single men or couples having a variety of sexual preferences, then Dating Sites Reviews can guide you. We can also assist if you are looking for other singles of a certain ethnic background (black, white, Asian, Latino); or sexual preference (bi-sexual, gay men, lesbians); or even of a certain religion (Christians or Jews); we even cover web sites for single parents and plus size singles…

So, no matter what you are looking for you've come to the right place as Dating Sites Reviews has looked at and reviewed a full spectrum of different kinds of niche dating sites-with the aim to help singles and couples find exactly what they are looking for!

Sugar Daddy Dating Sites

Sugar Daddy DatingA Sugar Daddy is usually an older, rich man who wants to meet, pamper and spoil a beautiful young woman. On the other hand, a Sugar Baby is usually a woman who is beautiful, young, ambitious, possibly short of money and wants to find a Sugar Daddy to pay her tuition fees, pay her rent or buy her luxurious items; or maybe to travel with and enjoy some of the finer things in life

Bisexual Dating Sites

Bisexual DatingOne recent report said that the older generation are less likely to admit that they have fluid sexual attractions. However, 24% of people aged 30 to 44 said that they're possibly bi-sexual to a degree, compared to 8% or less of the over-45s. Also according to the report, finding and dating bi-sexual people is nowadays relatively easy as there is a reasonably high percentage of openly bi-sexual people in most cities. The combinations are seemingly endless with, for example, bi-sexual women possibly interested in lesbian woman, straight men, other bi-sexual women or bi-sexual men

Senior Dating Sites

Senior DatingThere are so many advantages of simply being able to log-on to your chosen senior dating website and searching for someone who may end up being your perfect match. For seniors looking to date, you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home and can start a search for people in your town, city, state or county, not to mention thousands of other possible matches from overseas. Not only that, but internet based over 50 dating allows you to define the characteristics of the type of person you are looking for.

STD Dating Sites

STD DatingOne of the reasons why Instagram has grown so fast is that it makes sharing things easy. Unfortunately, there are a group of people who are afraid to openly share their life activities as they have been diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease (STD). It is often hard for STD singles to find and date other people so, as a consequence, a number of specialised STD dating sites have been launched. These sites primarily only cater to people living with STDs and place a big emphasis on privacy which is one of the most important things to many in this dating category

Cougar Dating Sites

Cougar DatingOlder women dating younger men, or Cougar Dating, is not a new trend but one that has been around for many years, albeit perhaps not so evident until the internet age. For most people, love is not necessarily related to age and mutual attraction can bridge generations. So, if older men can date and marry younger girls, why can’t older women date younger men? Such women may be called Sugar Mommas or cougars—being strong, independent, sophisticated, intelligent and sexy and, most of all, knowing exactly what they want from a relationship!

BBW Dating Sites

BBW DatingFor a great number of people, there is a particular attraction to Big Beautiful Women (BBW), and there are many men surfing the internet looking for their Miss Plus-size Right. With a wide variety of online BBW dating sites now available, plus-sized singles no longer need to be concerned about how to go about finding their ideal match. Specialised BBW dating sites are perfect for people who find it difficult to find partners on regular dating sites because of their size. For admirers, there are plenty of big curvy, chubby and sexy women on such BBW websites to interact with in a comfortable and non-discriminating environment

Casual Dating Sites

Casual DatingAre you looking for hook-up sites to have NSA (no strings attached) fun, FWB (friends with benefits), swinging, BDSM, extramarital affairs or even just a quick fling? Hoping to find people to just have casual encounters? This is a major growth niche and, accordingly, amongst others, we have reviewed a number of Casual Dating Sites, including the largest adult dating site, the most famous affair dating site, prominent BDSM websites and other true casual dating sites just for you….